Ajman Museum case study


History comes to life at the centuries-old Ajman Museum.

Ajman Museum Medical

Ajman is one of the seven Emirates in the UAE. The Ajman Museum makes its home in an 18th-century fort. Surviving for centuries through Ajman’s independence and attempted invasions, the impressive structure served as the ruler’s residence until 1970 before it was converted into a museum in 1981.

The museum exhibits are housed in various buildings around a courtyard. The museum aimed to bring the entire Emirate to life through historical exhibits housed within ancient stone walls. The museum wanted a complete overhaul of its spaces to honor the region’s history while delivering immersive experiences enhanced by audio-visual technology.

When MTE Studios wanted an experienced partner to complete this complex project, they reached out to AVI-SPL to help deliver the museum’s new customer experience vision.

Project scope

The museum celebrates the history of Ajman and life as it was for its residents as far back as 3000 BC. A challenge for the museum’s project partners was to leverage the latest technology in discreet ways that enhanced and honored the historical nature of each exhibit. It was essential that technology did not disrupt the visitor’s journey back in time.

The team was tasked with maintaining the integrity of the antique building structures while designing and installing the new technology. In addition, Museum staff wanted a touchless visitor guide system that required limited input and was easy for customers to use.

MTE developed a self-guided tour app to work in tandem with the updated exhibits. The AVI-SPL team designed custom AV installations to enhance the historical artifacts throughout 20 exhibits in each museum building. Upon entering the courtyard, visitors simply scan a QR code to download the Ajman Museum App.

The app offers a museum introduction, a guided tour, and a map. When visitors use the app, Quuppa Q17 indoor and Q35 outdoor locators trigger audio cues for the exhibits and other areas of interest. Audio is available in Arabic and English to accommodate personal language preferences. The tour includes visits to different shops.

Each of these shops features a dedicated storyteller. To enhance the immersive experience, we utilized a Samsung 75-inch display,creating a lifelike sensation of a person engaging directly with you. Additionally, speakers are available to ensure audio accessibility, providing an extra layer of flexibility for those without phones.”

– Narzulla Bazarov, AVI-SPL Project Specialist. Inavate, “Bringing History to Life at the Ajman Museum,” May 7, 2023

The AVI-SPL team leveraged Dante and Q-SYS to process and deliver audio throughout the museum. Each exhibit also includes a Crestron touch panel that runs a custom application designed by AVI-SPL to manage audio playback and volume adjustments. AVI-SPL avoided latency issues with precise tracking. The next audio sequence is automatically triggered when a guest steps less than one metre between exhibits.


Preserving history while delivering experimental experiences using modern technology required thoughtful engineering and installation. AVI-SPL delivered an imaginative AV system that adds interactive experiences to the traditional museum experience. With the Ajman Museum app, guests explore each space freely. Automated audio playback eliminates long queues and allows the free flow of visitors throughout the museum. Visitors can take a personalized journey at their own pace.

AVI-SPL also fulfilled the museum’s request to implement a low-maintenance system with cloud connectivity for effortless remote troubleshooting. This strategic choice not only ensures seamless operations but also places the institution at the forefront of technological integration.

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