Museum of the Future case study


Creating an immersive journey through time and space.

Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future, an iconic 320,000-square-foot building in the heart of Dubai, features ground-breaking exhibits that invite visitors to explore new worlds and pioneer new ways of living. Through these awe-inspiring and thought-provoking experiences, visitors return from their experience ready to shape today’s world for the better.

Throughout the museum, guests are welcome to see, touch, and explore the challenges and opportunities that shape the future of Earth and beyond. Technology is central to this mission. Visitors step into an interactive storytelling experience through exhibits that integrate space, storytelling, and technology, designed to spark wonder in audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

“The Museum of the Future welcomes people of all ages to see, touch, and shape our shared future. Go on a journey through possible futures and bring hope and knowledge back to the present.”
– Museum of the Future

Project scope

In partnership with the museum and all stakeholders, AVI-SPL integrated dramatic and thought-provoking audio-visual installations throughout five exhibition floors.

AVI-SPL Middle East leveraged our long-term relationships with leading manufacturers around the world to source dynamic technology solutions for installation in the museum. With so many partner and customer needs throughout the interactive exhibits, standardization was essential to completing the project on time and accommodate all content providers.

Manufacturers included Barco, who played an essential role in the visual experience, providing numerous large-scale Rigiflex screens and rear projectors in the primary exhibit spaces. Delivering the right audio was also critical to the customer experience, and QSC was brought in to enable the audio processing and we used Fohhn speakers.

In addition, servers from 7thSense ensured highspeed processing and flawless delivery. The team also standardized touch panels and control processors with Crestron and network switches with Cisco. Our team chose digital signage partners Samsung for indoor displays and LG for outdoor waterproof displays.

Together, these solutions allow guests to enjoy an inspiring experience of planet Earth 50 years into the future.

Command Centre and 24/7 Support

As installation progressed, the AVI-SPL also created a central control room to easily manage all the audio-visual technology that drives the customer experience. To ensure seamless guest interactions, two AVI-SPL managed services staff members are available 24/7 to provide proactive maintenance and respond to support requests quickly.


The Museum of the Future opened in February 2022. The immersive exhibits now captivate people around the world through their digital experiences, welcoming people to see, touch, and explore the exhibits as they move through the space. The audio visual solutions installed by AVI-SPL allow visitors to engage with an array of next-generation technologies, including massive projection walls, augmented reality, and multi-sensory exhibits.

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Customer feedback

“The Museum of the Future is a multi-sensory, expansive experiential space designed to inspire visitors to build a future with solutions for today’s challenges. The Museum of the Future uses everything from water to scent to vibrational haptics to dials and knobs to touch interfaces, all in the pursuit of creating the most unexpected end visitor experience.

Such an experience requires a strong technical partner who understands how to deliver the nuanced experience using cutting-edge technologies that all have to work seamlessly together.

AVI-SPL has been the best partner to help MOTF’s creative vision come to life. The AVI- SPL team had to be able to work closely with MOTF’s creative partners, often being required to interpret ideas and execute with technical finesse. AVI-SPL was required to consider network engineering, projection calibration, hardware fabrication, mobile app integration, and holistic systems management and monitoring. This is a tall order for most AV firms. The added stress of a compressed timeline and the logistical complexities of COVID required a team of AV specialists that were internationally dispersed, but simultaneously who could deliver in person in Dubai. AVI-SPL was able to deliver to these expectations.

The Museum of the Future is not a temporary exhibition space. It is a permanent set of interactive exhibits with a very high volume of daily visitors and is intended to be stable and maintainable for the long term. This requires a level of engineering, systems thinking, and attention to detail that is often missing in shorter-period insulations.

AVI-SPL’s team was the right collaborator for MOTF to execute a complex vision to the extraordinarily high level of quality that was required of such a flagship, internationally anticipated project. MOTF benefited from the close collaboration of AVI-SPL staff to the degree that AVI-SPL essentially became an extension of MOTF’s technical team. AVI-SPL proved to be the correct AV integrator selection for MOTF’s execution.”
– Sundar Raman
Technology Director, Museum of the Future