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Our teams have helped customers and consultants build thousands of meeting rooms and virtual collaboration solutions that keep on-site and remote teams connected and productive. With the explosion of anywhere work, AVI-SPL customers were well-positioned to accommodate their teams’ sudden virtual collaboration needs.

We can help do the same for you. Based on our decades of meeting room experience and client success, we’ve curated and configured reference designs and best practices to inspire you to create your ideal digital workplace.


Rapidly deployable meeting room solutions
for the hybrid workplace

More hybrid work and meetings create greater meeting room demand. Our reference designs for collaboration spaces respond to this need. These templates specify the AV and UC technology for user-friendly spaces that can be quickly deployed on budget and on time.


Meeting equity

AVI-SPL’s reference designs are built to provide an equitable, accessible, and positive experience for all participants – whether they are in the same room or working remotely. Whether your preferred UC and video meeting technology platform is Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom, Google Meet, or some combination, our designs are certified or compatible with all the leading cloud-enabled platforms.


End-user and IT benefits

Using meeting room reference designs that follow collaboration technology standards also saves time for IT support staff and end users alike. When the same tools and applications are in all conference rooms, team memebers know know to use the solutions in every space.

Help desk teams also limit the number of solutions they need to support. Other benefits include increased productivity, better employee experience and satisfaction, and higher video adoption rates.

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View room reference design samples below

VR reference designs

AVI-SPL virtual reality (VR) design services help you envision, validate, and get feedback on room designs and technology integrations before they invest in and build them.

Accessibility and ADA standards

When outfitting meeting rooms, integrating AV, and deploying UC applications, designs should follow the latest ADA Standards to ensure accessibility for all team members. AVI-SPL’s design and engineering teams can help you ensure everyone can use your collaboration spaces and tools. Top considerations include:


  • Furniture placement and clearance
  • Keeping room controls within everyone’s reach
  • Touch-less interfaces like voice control and mobile apps
  • Options for team members with hearing and vision challenges
  • Enabling remote attendees to be seen and heard clearly by everyone in the room, and on-site employees can see and hear virtual attendees

AV technology cybersecurity

The growth of work-from-home teams, IoT technology, and the sheer volume of connected devices accelerates the need for advanced cybersecurity in AV solutions. AVI-SPL teams can share their best practices for security, including safety measures for AV over IP networked AV solutions, to protect sensitive data.

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