Workplace scheduling

Workspace scheduling goes beyond assigning desks and organizing furniture. It’s about creating a seamless and productive work environment for both on-site and remote employees.

We offer simple tools like hot desking and room scheduling applications to manage your physical workspaces and ensure everyone has a workspace to fit their needs each day.

Build more intelligent, connected, optimized workplaces

Keep room scheduling simple to boost flexibility and collaboration.

In today’s work-from-anywhere environment, employees expect a choice in how and where they work.

Room reservation systems offer flexible options that include booking a room on your calendar system and on an app. For impromptu meetings, scheduling panels outside the room are a welcome option.

Our teams can work with your existing tools and systems to create deploy and integrate room scheduling panels. Indicator lights clearly show if a room is available, and touch screens make it easy to reserve the room.


room scheduling panel for easy workspace scheduling
hot desking panel with indicator light

Boost space utilization with hot desking.

Give employees the freedom to choose their workspace each day based on their preferences, tasks, or team collaboration. This flexibility supports agile work practices and accommodates diverse working styles.

We can deploy hot desking applications that allow team members to reserve a desk:

  • on your calendar system
  • on an app
  • via a desk device


Discover how AVI-SPL made hot desking easy for teams at an international airport.

AVI-SPL worked with a leading workspace management partner to deliver a hot testing app for an international airport’s administration offices. Employees can reserve a desk using the app, Outlook, or onsite using their badges at a desk. The app includes 3-D wayfinding to guide employees throughout the facility with turn-by-turn directions in real time.

With Microsoft Office 365 integration, the app also makes it easy to find co-workers, reserve meeting spaces, schedule and invite participants to Teams meetings, and alert maintenance to any issues that need attention. Managers can also view space utilization stats in the app.


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