Video walls

Video walls are transforming spaces, adding an immersive and dynamic element to any environment. Create unforgettable experiences with video walls with solutions that deliver vibrant color and brightness. AVI-SPL can help you find the best video wall solution for your needs, including:


  • LED video walls
  • LCD video walls
  • Projection video walls
Edmonton Library video wall

Let AVI-SPL XTG help you create memorable, interactive experiences with video walls.

Enhance spaces with video walls

Video wall in lobby


AVI-SPL MOTF Earth Overview


Monitoring station with a large video wall

Control rooms

Video wall at visa innovation lab


Auditorium with video wall at USNI


Epson 16

Collaboration spaces

Video wall display considerations

The AVI-SPL team uses high-definition large-format displays to build your video wall. applications. Leverage the latest LCD, direct viewLED, and projection technology to deliver vivid, memorable messages.

Video wall display options include bezel-less screens that deliver near-seamless designs.

When building your video wall, considerations include: your budget, the environment where video walls will be used, lighting, ventilation needs, installation requirements, and the field of view.

Indoor and outdoor video walls are built with appropriate screen resolution and brightness.

large format display digital signage creating an interactive experience
Visa NY

Let AVI-SPL’s production team create your video wall content.


If you don’t have in-house staff to create and manage your video wall content internally, we can help with content creation and management services.

Our experts collaborate with your team to deliver captivating content that works on every screen size. We use a mix of interactive and non-interactive content, motion graphics and static images, along with RSS feeds and local content.

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