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Amazon, The Spheres

Amazon The Spheres

Amazon pursued a revamp of its Seattle HQ in 2018, which included The Spheres, an innovative building for employees and the public. The Spheres would house a visitor center called the Understory, where we were engaged as the AV designer and integrator. The goal was to provide a fully immersive, 360-degree experience among the lush habitat within the rainforest floor and canopy. AVI-SPL designed a solution where guests can interact with the science, engineering, and plants that make up The Spheres. 

We implemented technologies that created a unique personal experience for each guest with self-guided and automated capabilities. The most prominent feature is the large number of curved LED displays that create a circular environment and deliver the immersive view of the habitat that Amazon sought to achieve. The circular experience also includes four locations with ultrasonic speakers with spotlights that trigger the audio recordings as visitors stroll along. The interactive spaces deliver responsive experiences so guests can learn about the plant life and the overarching Amazon brand.

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