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Edmonton Public Library

edmonton public library video wall

The Wall, available on the public floor at the Stanley A. Milner Library, is a digital installation unlike any other in North America. At two stories tall and 40 feet wide, its immense scale and unique touch-interactive opportunities make it a must-see immersive experience. 

The Wall is designed to inspire imagination on a grand scale while at the same time offering a uniquely interactive way to foster interest in STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) learning. The visual impact of interactive activities takes learners on a journey to explore a pre-historic world, a marine world, buoyancy, and aerodynamics.

At almost 1,200 square feet, the double-sided LED interactive visual experience consists of a Planar 1.8mm TVF LED solution (344 cabinets), along with 26 MultiTaction MTD-556XNB ultra-narrow bezel touch video wall displays. These displays provide a faster, more accurate touch tracking system than any other touchscreen on the market.

The interactive wall sets the tone for the library as a place of learning and wonder. It is a unique centerpiece installation designed for the foyer of the Stanley Milner branch library. The solution is effective because it empowers the library to easily showcase a variety of eye-catching and educational content on a massive scale.

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