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Museum of the Future

edmonton public library video wall

The Museum of the Future, a global architectural icon dubbed “The Most Beautiful Building on Earth,” captivates people around the world through their digital promotions. In person, it welcomes people to see, touch, and explore the challenges and opportunities that shape the future of Earth and beyond. Technology is central to this mission. The immersive exhibits installed by AVI-SPL integrate space, content, and technology to create interactive storytelling experiences that spark wonder in audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

More than 30 AVI-SPL employees from three continents came together to engineer, oversee, and implement the installation of a wide scope of experiential solutions. We integrated a total of 48 displays, 44 projectors, 300 speakers, and 76 media servers across five stories in the iconic 320,000-square-foot building. Visitors engage with an array of next-generation technologies, including massive projection walls, augmented reality, multi-sensory exhibits, and human-machine interaction.

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